It’s important to look after our environment. After all, we only have one planet to live on.

The argument behind carbon taxes is to disincentivize people from using fossil fuels, thereby reducing carbon emissions. This sounds great on paper, but it’s just another idealistic dream, arguably with an unpleasant hidden agenda.

For the majority of people, especially those living in rural areas, there really is no viable alternative. Public transport is often non existent or completely insufficient. We should drive electric cars I hear you say……

The infrastructure required to support the charging of electric vehicles just isn’t present. Even in Irish cities, there are very few chargers. You really need to have a facility to plug the vehicle in at your house to make it work, but then you still run into the infrastructure issues when you drive even a moderate distance that requires charging before returning home.

That brings us to the range issues that come with electric cars, they’re fine for city dwellers who commute short distances, but not for anyone else. If you have an electric vehicle with an on paper range of 300km when fully charged, you can’t even drive to Dublin from Cork without stopping to charge the car.

We haven’t even covered the biggest issue yet, cost…….

You need an above average income to even consider buying an electric vehicle. That cuts out a very large percentage of the population right away. What are they supposed to do?

The very people who can’t afford electric cars suffer the most from the effects of raising carbon taxes. How incredibly unfair, to use taxation to disincentivize behaviour, knowing full well that those who will suffer the most don’t have an alternative solution to begin with.

Let’s talk about the production of the electricity that will power your electric car. In Ireland, the mix is approximately 70% fossil fuels and 30% renewable energy sources. That’s not very clean, is it?

As soon as you raise carbon taxes, the cost of electricity production increases. The cost of all supply chains increase as well. There are no electric trucks. All our goods need a diesel powered truck to transport them somewhere along the supply chain. This increased cost is always passed on to consumers.

The people who are now suffering due to higher fuel prices because they can’t afford electric cars are also the ones who will suffer the most from an increase in the cost of the supply chain of goods.

This little exercise to disinsentivize the use of fossil fuels through taxation was conjured up in a political ivory tower by people who are so far removed from the reality of the working class that it closely resembles Marie Antoinette’s “then let them eat cake” remark.

Our government leaders will still travel in the back of their diesel powered BMW 7 series. Why? Firstly because the people who will suffer from the carbon tax hikes will also play for their diesel, but secondly because electric cars are insufficient for their requirements.

Carbon tax is just an excuse to raise taxation, please don’t insult our intelligence by telling us that this is part of a solution.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Is there an alternative way to really move people away from fossil fuels?

One thought

  1. The whole idea is to have a bigger gap between the have and have nots so when the poor protest its classed as a revolt and can be put fown by force to future oppress the low class. Any one rich wont and dont have these issues. And dont care about tge others as long as they can make a buck oht of it


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